Binary Option Systems

Binary options systems have been used in Europe and other countries for years, but have only been around in the United States for three years. In 2008 the United States Securities and Exchange bureau approved listing binary options trading, and since then many people have found it a wonderful way to earn some extra spending money or even a full-time income. All from the comfort of their home!

Binary options trading is quite simple to understand. The prefix ‘bi’ means ‘two’ and in binary options trading there are just two ways to make a profit. You will try to predict if the options will go up in price or if they will go down in price. You aren’t trying to guess at which price point they will be at when the market closes or even if the price will reach a certain standard or make a record high or low. You simply are placing your money on the option going up or down in price, even if it’s by just a few dollars!

Binary OptionsHere’s an example to further show you how this works. Imagine you put down $100 (with a 60% gain) on silver which is being traded for 100.0001. You think that price will fall before the end of your trade, so you place a “put” (the term for the option going down in value) on it. If the price goes down to 99.9999 by the end of your trade period, you are $60 richer once you take out the initial cost of your investment. If you had placed a “call,” the term for the option going up in value, and the price went up to 100.0010, you would have profited as well.

The entry level to get into this form of options trading is relatively low. For just a hundred bucks you can be making on line trades in oil or currency options. And since you are just making educated guesses on whether or not the price will rise or fall, you have a higher probability of success than with other forms of on line trading. Another enticing feature of binary options trading is that there is a huge turnover rate. This means that trades can last for as short a period of time as an hour, while most will close by the end of the day. In this way you can make several trades a day and have your profits in your account much faster than with other investments in which your money is tied up for months or even years. If you were to start out with $100 and invest it on Monday and have the same result as in the example above and do two such trades, you would more than double your money in just one day. Do this every weekday and by Friday you would have turned that $100 into $600 and still have your Benjamin! While you do not need to know a whole lot about binary options in order to get started, the more educated you are, the better results you will get.

You can use a binary options system to help you maximize your results and ensure that you achieve daily profits with less work on your end. Imagine being able to earn enough to quit your day job and stay at home with your kids or travel the world while still earning money each and every day. You will be able to shorten your learning curve when you use a binary options system and start earning more than if you start out on your own. Why bother reinventing the wheel when you can learn from someone better than yourself?

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